Zack Snyder Has Clarified What His Robin Plans Were For Batman V Superman

This revelation came after a fan posted about a Suicide Squad deleted scene where Batman, having just captured Harley Quinn, says, “Joker took something important from me, now I’m gonna take something from him.” The fan wondered if Batman was referring to Jason Todd, but Zack Snyder later responded that (at least in his mind), it’s Richard Grayson, a.k.a. the first Robin, who was taken away from Bruce Wayne, not Jason Todd, the second Robin. It’s worth noting this isn’t the first time this twist has been brought up, as during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s shoot, a gravestone was spotted that read ‘Richard John Grayson.” However, it remained uncertain whether this was a legit story element or was just a prop thrown onto the set as a joke. Of course, given that a Nightwing movie is in development, that means that if that project goes forward, Dick needs to stay alive. So I suspect that as far as the Warner Bros and DC brass are concerned, Dick is still out fighting crime and Jason is the one buried six feet under.

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